Feel Like a Pro Chef

Enroll in a cooking class in Tyler, TX

Do you ever watch cooking shows and marvel at how effortless the chefs on TV make everything look? If you want to look and feel like a pro in your own kitchen, start with a cooking class from R & D Culinary.

We'll help you learn new cooking skills so you can create delicious dishes that leave your dinner guests wanting more. It only takes a 60-minute or 90-minute class to feel more confident in the kitchen. Sign up for one of our local cooking classes in Tyler, TX today.

Discover what our culinary courses have in store

Wondering what makes our cooking class a stand-out experience? During the class, you can expect to...

  • Cook several different dishes
  • Learn how to use different cooking utensils
  • Have the option to include a bar drinks experience

We like to say 'no' isn't in our vocabulary, so ask for any accommodations you need. Reach out to our chef today for more information about our local cooking classes.